COMPANY - ORSO ELETTROCOSTRUZIONI - Electric building, electric cabinets and engineering - Bairo - Turin

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ORSO Company was founded in 2000 in the valleys of the Canavese thanks to the long experience of the two original founders.
During these years the  Orso company has become a reality with a staff that includes design, factory assembly, building teams and office workers.
The opening in 2009 of the new headquarters in Bairo , which is about 1000 square meters, and the following expansion of other 500 square meters in 2012, have been the sign of the growing of the company and this has allowed the Orso company to further improve the quality of services offered to its customers.
The obtaining of certification ISO 9001, in June 2006, has made Orso a company able to offer a complete service with continuous attention to the customer and to the new technologies, in the electrical and automation field.
The activity of the company can be divided in three fields: installations in plant, electric cabinets and engineering.
Each of them is independent, however the company usually  deals with the  projects that include all business sectors. In fact it is able to provide and manage big projects with a wide-ranging view.


Certificate ISO 9001:2008 n. 9165.ORSO obtained with institute of certification CSQ IMQ.

Certificate SOA n. 1639/30/00 in category  OS16 e OS30 obtained with institute of certification QLP SOA.

Qualified supplier Enel  n. 316260.
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